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V.I.E.W. offers important rehabilitation programs to help homeless and addicted veterans in this time of VA downsizing, welfare reform, and reduced government funding. V.I.E.W.'s rehabilitation programs are largely self-funded (100%) by the business services offered by V.I.E.W. as part of the work therapy.

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In the Puget Sound area, veterans comprise 40% of the homeless population. In King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, this totals approximately 5,200 men and women. V.I.E.W. offers a Therapeutic Residence Program for homeless veterans to help them return back to the work force and live in permanent housing. Most of these veterans are homeless as a result of drug abuse and/or mental illness. V.I.E.W. accepts these veterans after they have successfully completed appropriate treatment at VA Medical Centers or related programs. Veterans live in residences provided or coordinated with V.I.E.W. during their 6-18 month involvement with the program. V.I.E.W.'s clinical staff assist these veterans through a wide variety of work, leisure, and living environments ranging from very simple, closely monitored assignments to competitive community placements. Veterans completing this program have shown a 60% success rate in staying employed and in permanent housing one year later.

You can help V.I.E.W. continue to achieve its success by:

  • Hiring a graduate of the program
  • Contracting with V.I.E.W. to perform a job for your business
  • Donating housing
  • Contacting V.I.E.W. to offer goods or services
  • Passing the word about V.I.E.W. to family, friends, and coworkers

How You Can Help

V.I.E.W.'s programs help homeless and disabled veterans return to a more stable work and home environment. The following list shows some of the ways you can help V.I.E.W. and veterans:

Hire veteran! (Click on the Job Placement tab above)
   Provide résumé services
   Offer job networking opportunities
   Supply safety equipment

Click here to contact us about services we can provide (coming soon)

   Volunteer tax and accounting services
   Help a veteran with legal issues
   Offer dental and other health related services
   Donate eye glasses

   Sponsor a scholarship for further education
   Fund transitional housing residences
   Furnish an entire house or apartment
   Offer shop equipment from your business

Please feel free to contact us about what you can do to help V.I.E.W. improve the lives of homeless and disabled veterans.

Job Placement

Veterans who complete V.I.E.W.'s program can be valuable workers in your business. Veterans gain the following skills:

  • Liquid Spray Painter
  • Paint Shop Preparation
  • Parts Quality Control
  • Assembly Worker
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Forklift Operator
  • Shipping and Receiving Clerk
  • Truck Driver
  • Simplex Machine Operator
  • Respirator Clean & Repair Technician

To find out more about available candidates or to post a job position, contact:

Mr. Edward Lang
(253) 922-5650 Ext 113

Mr. Don Hutt
(253) 922-5650 Ext 103


The following community organizations are referral partners with V.I.E.W. in overcoming homelessness and other issues affecting veterans:

  • Pierce County Housing Programs
  • Pierce County Veterans Bureaus
  • Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs
  • King County Veterans
  • King County Jail Veterans Outreach Program
  • Tacoma Treatment Alternatives to Street Crime (TASC)
  • Millionaire's Club of Seattle
  • Homeless Employment Program (H.E.P.)
  • Martin Luther King Resource Center
  • Mandela House
  • Prosperity House
  • Last Chance Shelter
  • Tacoma Rescue Mission
  • Lighthouse Mission
  • Hospitality Kitchen
  • Metropolitan Development Council
  • Union Gospel Mission (Seattle and Tacoma)
  • Serenity House
  • YMCA & YWCA of Seattle and Tacoma
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars


A non-profit organization assisting veterans

We offer veterans life changing opportunities through Transitional Housing and Work, Life Skills and Diverse Support Services.

Tel: 253 922-5650
800 748-6856
Fax: 253 922-0248

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